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TELEVAC - A division of The Fredericks Company

Televac provides high-quality vacuum gauges and instrumentation covering the entire practical vacuum range. From 10+3 down to 10-11 Torr, Televac offers accurate, repeatable gauges to meet your vacuum applications. Moreover, Televac is constantly developing innovative new gauges to widen the effective range of measurement and control. Turn to Televac first for state-of-the-art vacuum instrumentation backed by superb R&D, dedicated support, and service.

Televac products are used extensively throughout the industrial, scientific, and high-tech communities. They are employed for independent measurement and control, or with OEM systems and products. Televac is an accepted supplier to many leading companies and government agencies, including NASA and the United States Department of Defense.

Televac vacuum instrumentation is designed for reliable, repeatable measurement and control. Gauges are produced using advanced manufacturing methods and equipment. They are cycled through a high-temperature burn-in period to assure component integrity, and are thoroughly quality control tested. Calibration is performed under actual vacuum conditions by comparison with standards traceable to NIST.
Televac gauges are available in microprocessor-based and analog versions. Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) applications are especially appropriate for Televac instrumentation. If a standard Televac product is not in order, a modified or customized gauge can often be engineered. Televac will design, manufacture, and support instruments or systems to meet major customer requirements.

Televac is your single source for accurate, reliable, and proven vacuum measurement and control products.