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New Self-Contained, Compact Gauge and Controller Designed to Replace Multiple Conventional Vacuum Gauges

Televac/ETI, a leading world class manufacturer of UHV measurement sensors, instrumentation, and filaments, has announced availability of their new CC-10 Wide Range Vacuum Gauge.

The compact, self-contained CC-10 incorporates the latest dual sensor technology and a controller in a sleek package that allows seamless measurement from atmospheric pressure to UHV on a single vacuum port.  Rough vacuum from atmospheric pressure to 10-2 Torr is measured using a crystal sensor, while pressure from 10-2 Torr to 1x 10-9 Torr is measured with a double inverted magnetron cold cathode sensor.

CC-10 product features include a 0-10 VDC analog output, RS485 digital communications, three adjustable set points, and a digital display that can be read in Torr or PA. All operating parameters are easily addressed and checked from the membrane panel on the front of the electronics module. A blue-green segmented LED provides pressure indication, and discrete LEDs indicate status for the three set point relays. Typical product applications include physical vapor deposition, optical and functional thin films, molecular beam epitoxy, accelerators and UHV research, electron and optoelectron device manufacture. For more details click here »

Televac/ETI is an ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer.

For more information, call 215/947-2500, FAX: 215/947-7464 e-mail: or write Televac/ETI, 2400 Philmont Ave., Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0067.

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