Product Lines


1E/F Diaphragm:

  • 1E/1F Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Sensor
  • Range 1E (1 Torr to 1,000 Torr)
  • Range 1F (1 to 7,600 Torr)
  • Fast response, direct reading sensor
  • Gas independent
  • Available end connections
    (NPT, NW, CF, 3/8", and 1/2" tube, VCO, VCR)

The diaphragm sensor measures absolute pressures by determining the deflection of a diaphragm by measuring the formation of a strain gauge attached to the diaphragm. The response of the sensor does not depend on the gas type. The 1E and 1F Diaphragm Sensor provides a wide range, fast response, and extremely stable measurement.

1E 1F Diaphragm Gauges (Piezo Diaphragm) Sensors

GAUGE TUBE 1E BRS 1/8 NPT 2-2106-001 GAUGE TUBE 1E SS NW 16 2-2107-030
GAUGE TUBE 1E SS 1/8 NPT 6-2107-001