Product Lines


2A VacuMini:

  • Miniature Type 2A Vacuum Sensor;
    Range: 1 Millitorr to 20 Torr (1 micron to 20,000 microns)
  • Compact size: Approx. 2” long x 1/2” dia
  • Rugged 304 stainless steel construction
  • Standard connection interface is 1/8” NPT
  • Weather Cap: Military type, gasketed and tethered
  • Sensor operates in any physical orientation
  • Rugged, simple design for trouble-free operation
  • Low cost
  • Industries: Biotechnology, Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals, Deposition of Decorative & Functional Films, Energy Generation & Research, Food Processing, Freeze Drying, Industrial Research, Medical, Optical Coating, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors, Vacuum Packaging & Transport

The VacuMini is a commercial version of Televac’s highly successful NASA 2A sensor. VacuMini uses the same principle of operation as all Televac type 2A thermocouple sensors. It is roughly half the size and volume of traditional vacuum thermocouple sensors. A machined 304 stainless body is designed with 1/8” NPT connection threads and integral wrench flats for ease of installation. Unlike traditional vacuum thermocouple sensors which have exposed electrical pins, VacuMini’s pins are protected in two ways. They are recessed within the sensor body diameter and a tethered and gasketed military type screw-on weather cap isolates the pins from moisture and dirt. The VacuMini will operate in any physical orientation. We do suggest you consider using one of our filters in the event your vacuum vessel or process contains excessive particulates or contaminates.

Product Applications

The VacuMini is ideally suited to applications where the vacuum vessel is located outdoors or in a physical environment that renders use of traditional thermocouple sensors impractical. Examples of such applications include:
• Fixed & mobile bulk cryogenic storage and transport vessels.
• Vacuum jacketed gas delivery manifolds.
• Mechanical vacuum pumps and blowers.
• House vacuum systems

Instrument Selection

The ideal instrument to use to read the VacuMini is the Televac VacuGuard. This low cost digital instrument is fully self-contained and powered by a 1.5 volt battery. It will operate the VacuMini, as well as our standard 2A sensor and competitive thermocouple sensors.

Range: 1 Millitorr to 20 Torr (1 micron to 20,000 microns)
Body Material: 304 series stainless steel
Vacuum Connection: 1/8” NPT
Leak Rate: 1x10-9 std. cc/sec (He) or less
Overpressure Rating: 100 psig