Product Lines


4A Convection:

  • Convection Gauge Tube (1 mTorr - 1.000 Torr)
  • Rugged sensor housing of stainless steel withstanding 150 psi overpressure
  • Less than 500 milliseconds response time for a pressure change from 10-5 Torr to atmosphere
  • Calibration medium of dry air or nitrogen
  • Optional display (1-1,000 microns)
  • Adjustable set point with LED indicator

The convection gauge measures absolute pressures by determining the heat loss from a fine wire filament maintained at a constant temperature. The response of the sensor depends on the gas type. A pair of thermocouples are mounted at a fixed distance from each other. One thermocouple is heated to a constant temperature by a variable current power supply. Power is pulsed and the temperature is measured between heating pulses. The second thermocouple measures convection effects and also compensates for ambient temperature. This sensor must be mounted vertically.

4A Convection Gauge Sensors
(Atmosphere to 20,000 Microns)

GAUGE TUBE 4A BRS 1/8-NPT 2-2119-001 GAUGE TUBE 4A SS 1 1/3 CF 2-2120-050
GAUGE TUBE 4A SS NW 40 2-2120-032 GAUGE TUBE 4A SS NW 16 2-2120-030
GAUGE TUBE 4A SS 1/8 NPT 2-2120-001 GAUGE TUBE 4A SS 2 3/4 CF 2-2120-052
GAUGE TUBE 4A SS 8 VCR FEMALE 2-2120-043 GAUGE TUBE 4A SS NW 25 2-2120-031
GAUGE TUBE 4A SS 1/2 STR 2-2120-011