Product Lines


7E Cold Cathode:

  • Cold Cathode Sensor
  • Range: (10-8 to 10-2 Torr)
  • Patented Double-Inverted Magnetron technology
  • Increased sensitivity - 6.5 amps/Torr at 10-6 Torr
  • Fast restart at high vacuum
  • Reduced external magnetic field
  • 7ER designed with electronic modules for remote applications

The patented TELEVAC Cold Cathode Ion Sensors have proven accuracy at ultra-high vacuums. They are highly sensitive and will maintain their discharge to much lower pressures. Moreover, while other sensors, such as Bayard-Alpert, experience X-ray-induced errors, TELEVAC Cold Cathode sensors produce no X-rays as part of the measuring process. Furthermore, there are now electron-stimulated desorption errors.

TELEVAC Cold Cathode Sensors are particularly advantageous in aggressive chemical or heavy industrial environments – there is no filament to degrade or burn-out. While Bayard-Alpert sensors are typically tossed out in industrial processing applications, a TELEVAC Cold Cathode Sensor is simply cleaned for like-new performance.

7E Cold Cathode Double Inverted Magnetron
(10-2 to 10-11 Torr)

GAUGE TUBE 7E SS 1" STR 2-2142-013 GAUGE TUBE 7E SS NW 40 2-2142-032
GAUGE TUBE 7E SS 2 3/4 CF 2-2142-052    
GAUGE TUBE 7E SS NW 25 2-2142-031