Product Lines


7FC Cleanable
Cold Cathode:

  • Cleanable Cold Cathode Sensor
  • Range: (10-11 to 10-2 Torr)
  • Robust Construction: All wetted materials are 304 stainless. Metal-sealed/cleanable subassembly can be maintained without breaking the primary vacuum interface
  • UHV Compatible: Knife edge seals and 10-11 std. cc/sec. (He) leak rate ensures reliable ultra high vacuum operation
  • Small Size: Compact design permits easy replacement of older obsolete sensors
  • Versatile: Use in any physical orientation
  • Rugged: Withstands frequent pressure bursts, no hot filaments to sag and break
  • Reliable Service: Simple design means years of productive use in difficult applications
  • Product Application: CRT Mfg., Deposition of Optical & Functional Films, Distillation of Low Vapor Pressure, Chemicals, Electron Microscopes, Freeze Drying, Helium Mass Spec. Leak Detectors, High Energy Physics, Lamp, Lighting & Laser Products Mfg., Mass Spectrometers, Metallurgical Processes, Night Vision / Electro-Optical Detector Mfg., Plasma Enhanced Deposition, Sterilization

Televac Brings You The Best of All Worlds!

Need an ultrahigh vacuum sensor that also works at medium vacuum? Bothered by hot filaments that sag and break? Have a process that contaminates traditional gauges? Want to maintain your vacuum sensor without having to remove all of it from the vacuum system?

These seemingly independent needs can all be satisfied with one unique vacuum sensor - the Televac 7FC. This new sensor uses Televac's Patented Double Inverted Magnetron Cold Cathode technology and employs state-of-the-art magnetics. The 7FC gives users ten decades of measurement range from 1x10-2 torr to 1x10-11 torr. Without hot filaments to degrade and break, the 7FC will thrive in applications that suffer from pressure bursts. For those who need UHV performance, this sensor can be baked to 200°C. For those whose processes generate effluent that coats and contaminates lesser gauges, the Televac 7FC sensor assembly can be cleaned by removing a secondary CF type knife edge seal. The primary vacuum seal, the sensor body, and magnetics remain attached to the vacuum chamber. But this is only part of the story. For the rest, take a look at the Televac 7FC data sheet. Then give us a call.

Product Description

The Televac model 7FC employs patented1 Double Inverted Magnetron sensor technology to create a rugged and robust wide range vacuum sensor. Unlike most high or ultrahigh vacuum sensors that have a few decades of dynamic range, the 7FC gives its user ten (10) decades of useful range when used with a mating Televac controller. Typical UHV sensors cannot be disassembled in the field for cleaning. The 7FC’s cleanable subassembly can be removed for cleaning without having to break the primary vacuum seal. Unlike hot filament sensors that won’t tolerate large pressure bursts without compromising its filament, the 7FC will sustain and automatically recover from large pressure bursts.

1 United States Patent No. 5568053