Product Lines


MC300 4A/7F:

  • Vacuum Measurement Controller
    (1000 x 10-11 Torr)
  • 2 channel 4A convection and 1 channel 7F (10-11 Torr) cold cathode
  • Large, bright LED display
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Selectable units: Torr, microns, mBar or Pascal
  • Gas compensation: Argon, Nitrogen
  • Four process relays with individually assignable
    set points
  • 0-10V outputs for each sensor
  • Operator lockout switch

The MC300 Series Instrument utilizes time-proven and patented TELEVAC sensor technology. State-of-the-art electronics provide a reliable, rugged vacuum measurement and control instrument with two channels of rough vacuum and one high vacuum. Each instrument measures a specific vacuum range offering exact measurement and control for each application. The MC300 is the most cost-effective vacuum measurement system available today.