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  • Portable Control & Display Unit for Thermocouple Sensors
  • Wireless Portability: A replaceable “D” cell eliminates 110VAC extension cords and their associated safety hazards
  • Rugged Construction: Powder coated extruded aluminum enclosure and an available hands-free carrying case will go the distance for years of productive service
  • Large Digital Display: Bright red LED display won’t wash out in direct sunlight
  • Display reads in Torr or Millitorr, as appropriate to sensor type
  • Position switch permits reading Televac 2A/ 2A Mini or
    DV4 and DV6 sensors.

The VacuGuard is a small, self-contained instrument, designed to power and read Televac 2A series or competitor compatible DV4 and DV6 series thermocouple sensors. The VacuGuard is powered by a 1.5V ‘D’ cell and will accept either single use or rechargeable ‘D’ cells. Front panel controls consist of a toggle power switch and a three position sensor select switch. The digital display is a four digit, seven segment red LED, 0.6” high, protected by a gray neutral density filter that permits use in bright ambient conditions. The instrument reads directly in torr or millitorr. Overall size is: 4”x2.5”x5.5”. Instrument weight is 23 oz.